Excellent Progress Leadership offers qualified leadership training.  Leader development is offered through licensed Leader Trainer.

Excellent Progress

Excellent Progress Leadership Scandinavia AB, Excellent Progress, owned by Åke Lindh and Göran Åström.

Åke Lindh is the company’s CEO and has more than 30 years of experience as manager and leader in non profit organizations and business as well as a manager and leader, including marketing director in the newspaper industry. Åke became a partner in spring 2010.

Göran Åström is the Vice President of the company and joined the company as owner in spring 2011. Göran has worked with leadership issues in the last 20 years as a trainer but also as a manager and leader.

Strategic platform

Excellent Progess aims to develop a strong company in the Swedish market

The company has a high level of ambition in everything that is done. For example, it is obvious that there are ethical guidelines that cover both the board, management and the company’s consultants. The guidelines serve as support and guidance for everything we do and stand for.

The high level of ambition also means that the management training programs are not a summary of the latest management literature.



Excellent Progress is to be perceived as a leading partner and one of the five most attractive players for qualified leadership development in Sweden.


Excellent Progress will always act in a responsible way to promote people in leadership positions or key positions to develop and grow in their respective roles and help individuals to utilize their entire skills and potential. The activities of companies and organizations will therefore be developed and generate good results and satisfactory profitability.

Business idea

Excellent Progress meets the needs of business and public sector leadership.

Value base

  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Quality




Excellent Progress can offer qualified leadership development regardless of country’s specific nature, regardless of the industry public sector or non profit organizations / associations. The company is free and unobtrusively political, cultural, social and religious.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information!


Vice President, Göran Åström


Phone: +46 70-688 40 80